Grass Full Livery

From 4 year olds upwards Fully Supervised Retirement, Convalescence/Resting Livery, Horse and Ponies in work to be discussed

Fullers Hill Farm is set within 50 acres of flat and good quality grassland, providing a safe and secure full livery for horses and ponies in retirement, convalescing and resting from injury or illness.

Horses and ponies would graze in pairs with a compatible companion horse/pony within at least 4 acres with excellent post and rail or electric fencing, hedge and or tree cover and plumbed water troughs so they can live out their days in fresh air away from the rigours of the stable yard. All the paddocks are well served by safe tracks. Should an owner wish their horse/pony to have an individual field this could be arranged with a companion next door.

Companions will be close by and all the services are carried out by the yard staff.

Owners are welcome to visit their horses between the hours of 8am to 5pm daily (winter) and 7am to 8pm (summer) except certain public holidays, entry outside these hours agreed by prior arrangement. Horses/ponies not to be moved out of the fields without prior notice to staff as we wish the horses and ponies in adjacent fields to remain as stress free as possible.

Grass Full Livery £300. per calendar month due on the 1st of the month in advance by Standing Order to include:

Full supervision of your Horse or Pony. Ponies under 14hh a 10% reduction will be applicable.

Foot trimming included but carried out by our own farrier.

Worming and worm testing included.

Teeth routine rasping and checked twice per year carried out by our own tooth person included.

And the usual services:

Haylage or Hay in the winter months as required.

2 x Hard Feeds included if required and discussed with owner, supplement/medication (provided by owner) administered as required.

Rugs/fly masks/fly spray if required.

Boot/bandage changes if necessary.

Application of medications.

Bringing onto the yard and back out, only to be carried out by the staff in attendance.

2 New Covered Pens will be available in 2017 for Grass Livery use when brought onto the yard. 

Please note:

Should the horse/pony need to be stabled for longer than a week additional charges will be applicable and discussed with the owner.

If front shoes are required these charges will be discussed.

Physio/Veterinary attendance additional charges will be applicable.

Should you wish to use your own farrier/vet/tooth person please be attendance with them yourself but a member of staff will assist owner to catch in/turn out afterwards, subject to prior notice.

Should the schools be required for whatever purpose these can be booked as follows:

30m x 20m Indoor School (open for general use, can be booked in the yard diary)

40m x 20m Fullers Hill Farm Arena (open for general use, can be booked in the yard diary)

60m x 20m Amersham Dressage Arena with mirrors (to be booked online)

40m x 37m Course Hire Arena with full set of of show jumps (to be booked online)

If you sadly have to make the decision to say good bye to your horse and pony, Fullers Hill Farm will take full responsibility for this with the appropriate notice and discussion. You can either be in attendance or not, but rest assured this difficult time will be dealt with in a dignified and professional manner for all involved by the Fullers Hill Farm's team.


Please email amershamlivery@hotmail.co.uk for further details

Farm Managing Director - Deborah Sanders

Farm Manager - David Martin

Assistant Show Director and Dressage Trainer - Philippa Dimmock

Regular trainers visiting - Philippa Dimmock, Clare Yetton, Demelza Hawes

Yard Veterinary Surgery - Farr Pursey, Tring

Yard Farrier - Joseph Terry, Chesham

Yard Physio - Anna Johnson, Thame

Yard Dentist - Grant Chantler, Thame

Your own equine professionals permitted provided you could be present when they attend, or an additional charge of £20 per time will be applicable for staff to be in attendance (appointments by prior appointment only), the yard will catch in/turn out as applicable. Thank you.




07711 199 166

All terms and conditions of this livery service may be varied by 4 weeks written notice to the horse owner

OPENING HOURS 8:00am to 5:00pm daily (winter) 7am to 8pm (summer) except certain Public Holidays to be advised

(Grass Liveries this is for your own safety)

Entry outside these hours by prior arrangement

At least THIRD PARTY insurance cover is required for ALL horses kept at the farm and we would recommend Veterinary cover.

The farm's staff reserve the right to call out the vet in the unfortunate event of their horse becoming ill or injured, should the horse owner not be contactable. However, every effort will be made to contact an owner in respect of any charges made on their behalf. Horses kept at the farm must have an up to date vaccination card and passport. The Farm will retain passports and vaccination cards.

Persons invited/employed by horse owners must be accompanied if they are newcomers or if they are unfamiliar with horses at all times. Horse owners are obliged to take responsibility for their visitor's actions whilst on the farm. Notice must be given to the yard manager of any unknown visitors entering.

Sorry no further dogs can be allowed on the yard or farm.

Head protection to current British Safety Standards must always be worn when riding on the farm.

Children less than 15 years must be accompanied by their parent or guardian (adult) whilst on the farm, and young children must be fully supervised by their parent or guardian.

All persons entering the farm are required to conduct themselves in a considerate and safe manner and abide by the yard rules as stated by the yard manager by written notice. Clearing up must be carried out after attending to any horse. When leaving the farm at any time, all the lights must be switched off and gates closed. No person must touch the farm vehicles or enter designated private areas (details to be checked).

Smoking is only permitted in the car park.

Vehicles - No vehicle must be parked on the main yard unless unloading/loading, access-ways must not be blocked with vehicles. Horse owners must confirm the parking place for their horse box or trailer and flexibility from horse owners in this regard is required occasionally. It is recommended that all vehicles are locked and valuables removed. The farm cannot provide wash down facilities for horse owner's vehicles.

Livery charges - Submitted to horse owners must be settled in full within five (5) days of receipt. The agreed basic livery must be paid by standing order to be received on or by the 1st day of the month. Bank details will be provided. An additional 5% will be applicable on any balance overdue after a week and will be referred to our legal advisors should payment not be made by the second month.

Notice of Vacation - The farm's proprietor is obliged to provide four (4) week's written notice to any horse owner to remove their horse and possessions from the farm should they be in breach of these terms and conditions, or for whatever reason may be necessary. Horse owners must provide at least four (4) week's written notice to vacate the farm with their horse and possessions, all livery charges incurred must be paid up to and including the day of vacation. On vacation the stables and storage areas must be left clean of all debris and owner's possessions.

Although every care is taken by the farm, the proprietor and his employees will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any person, horse or their possessions entering or visiting. Horse owners must first satisfy themselves that the farm is adequate for their horses and own purposes.

All advice in respect of animal welfare (including abandonment) is taken by the farm from the RSPCA. If at any time the yard manager had cause for concern as to the well being of a horse kept at the farm, then urgent contact will be made with that horse's owner (or representative) in order to immediately and mutually resolve the matter.

All horse owners at the farm must complete the horse owner's information form enclosed, the horse owner's signature on this form is their acceptance of the above terms and conditions.